Apple Watch 2022 - Series 8, SE 2. Gen, Pro/Extreme

posted by Dennis on 2022-07-14, last updated:
If everything goes normal, Apple will release the new Apple Watch Series 8 at an event in September this year, as it has in almost every year since it was launched. If rumors are to be believed, there will be a major update to the full Apple Watch lineup this year.

It is very certain that the Apple Watch Series 7 will be exchanged for a Series 8, and the Apple Watch SE, which was released in 2020, should also get an update. It is also assumed that there will be a third model this year, aimed at extreme athletes. This model was actually supposed to be released last year, but was postponed to this year due to the prevailing chip shortage.

With the release of the Series 8, there will be a new case design for the Apple Watch. It should be flatter, a bit more angular and a bit larger than its predecessors. The design of the watch thus adapts to that of the current iPhone models.

@ld_vova shows what that could look like in one of his tweets.

It is unlikely that the Apple Watch SE will get the larger design, the design of the Series 7 will probably find its way here. It remains to be seen whether the normal Series 8 will receive this update, after all Apple only changed the case of the watch last year, which resulted in a 1mm larger case and a 20% larger display, but this cannot be ruled out. What is certain is that the new model for extreme athletes, which will most likely be sold as a Pro model, will have the larger case.

All watches with the new housing will of course also have a larger display, which is assumed to be almost 2 inches, which is about 0.1 inches larger than that of the Series 7. The resolution will be slightly increased, but in the end it should have the same PPI. In order to continue to get the 24-hour runtime, the watch also gets a larger battery.

Apple has continued to work over the past generations to ensure that the watch can also be sold as a medical gadget. In the new generation, the watch should be expanded by at least one function. It is considered certain that there will be a body temperature sensor that can measure the body temperature. When it appears, the watch will probably only be able to give a rough estimate. The watch can then be used, for example, to help determine the fertile days or recommend a visit to the doctor in the event of major deviations from the norm. It is unclear whether the watch will one day be able to indicate an exact temperature. Future software updates may expand the range of functions, but it is also not unlikely that the sensor will only be able to do more in future watch generations.

The sensors for measuring blood sugar and blood pressure, which are also often mentioned in rumours, are considered very unlikely and are only expected in a few years.

As every year, there will be a new processor, which will probably called the Apple S8. This processor will probably be installed in the Series 8 and Series 8 Pro. The Apple Watch SE will probably be equipped with the Apple S7 and that the SE-model will get all the sensors of the Series 8 is also rather unlikely.

The Apple Watch SE and the Series 8 will probably come with an aluminum case, although the Series 8 will certainly appear again in a version with a stainless steel case and a titanium case. The Pro model will only be available in a high-quality metal alloy, we are assuming a titanium version, although a ceramic case cannot be ruled out. In addition, the Pro model will also be equipped with an even more durable front glass.

The question remains as to what will happen to the Apple Watch Series 3, which Apple still has in its range as an entry-level model. We assume that Apple will take the watch out of the lineup and that the Apple Watch SE will be the new entry-level model.

All information from this article is based on rumors and the experience of the author, we will see what's coming this fall... ;)

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